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Here's the thing...

People have a ridiculously short attention span when it comes to online reading.

So we have to make it reeeeeally easy for them - and give them good reason to stick around. Luckily, there are some simple - but hugely impactful - things you can do to achieve this. They're yours for the taking in this 10-page, downloadable guide.

You'll discover five of the most common web copy mistakes - and EXACTLY how to fix 'em. Tweak your site accordingly and I'm willing to bet you'll see the payoff in both your web stats - and your sales.

About Janet

Janet Nielsen is a seasoned communications expert who helps small business by creating - and teaching them to create - clear, effective, and captivating communications for the web, email, and print.

She is a married mama of two who lives in Toronto, and has a strong affinity for the colour turquoise and espresso-based drinks. Read more about her and her biz at janetnielsen.ca.

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